Western Cape, South Africa


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The Wine story

In 1995 the Gabb family took control of this picturesque wine farm surrounded by 20ha of gorgeous vineyards. They have invested heavily in both the vineyards and the winery since then – with the estate growing to 120ha by July 2011. Their philosophy is one of minimum intervention - the aim to create top-quality, single-vineyard and appellation wines that intricately integrate the tension between remaining true to the terroir, and finding their own unique expression of it.


The name Fruit Orchestra is given to this wine because on tasting it, you get hit with a whole symphony of flavours. It is a fruit driven wine, all in balance and harmony - just like an orchestra. A complex nose of strawberry and red cherry notes, followed by refined layers of plum and fruit cake on the palate. A characterful, easy drinking style wine with a soft finish.

Production Method

Oak aging


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