August 29, 2018

Wine O Wine: From Where It All Began

Wine O Wine: From Where It All Began

It was a move to France to join the Narbonne Rugby Club that started a love affair with international wine for serial wine entrepreneur Jonathon Jenkins.

After several years of building a successful business supplying restaurants and bars across Australia with French rosé, Jono decided that he wanted to take his passion, knowledge and affection for international wines directly to consumers.

With the idea of accessibility at the foreground, Jono created Wine O Wine, a club dedicated to sharing not only the wine but the wine story.  Along with his team of passionate travellers and wine lovers he aspired to create in Wine O Wine an adventure delivered to doorsteps Australia-wide.

“We wanted Wine O Wine to be a community, where people could share their love of wine and feel involved not only in the club but also in the journey of the grape delivered to the consumers’ doorstep,” said Jenkins.

Making international wine more affordable was the second driving force behind the creation of Wine O Wine. For Jono, allowing members to discover new wines was only one piece of the puzzle, making sure they could affordably purchase more of the products they love at wholesale prices, was the final piece.

“We are still a young company, but the journey ahead is exciting, and we are thrilled to share the adventure with our members and winemakers. With over 70 wine producing countries and 10,000 grape varieties worldwide we are constantly sourcing new products which we can’t wait to share”.