August 3, 2018

Chardonnay, The Phoenix of Wine

Chardonnay, The Phoenix of Wine

As the fifth most commonly produced grape in the world, and with vines covering over 211,000 hectares of land, it is close to impossible to come across a wine lover who doesn’t have an opinion on Chardonnay.

At the height of its popularity in the 80’s and 90’s, wine-makers, spurred by the demand of oaky flavours, created bold, heavily oaked “chardy”.

This production style, while popular at the time, inadvertently spurred a generation of wine drinkers fastidiously against the chardonnay grape. This blanket dismissal of the chardonnay created a category of consumer know as “the ABC (anything but chardonnay) drinker”.

But like the phoenix, chardonnay has re-emerged, recreated through innovative production styles and occasionally assuming an alternative alias such as ‘gamay blanc’, ‘white Burgundy’ or ‘Chablis’.

Explore the chardonnay revival with this selection of French chardonnays available in the Wine O Wine Shop.


Cabardès, France

Vintage: 2017

*WINE O WINE TEAM FAVOURITE* This ripe Chardonnay bursts with the crisp flavours of grapefruit and exotic notes. It boasts a certain freshness and a touch of minerality. The ageing is well integrated and gives hints of nuts.

Members price per bottle $19.50


Bourgogne, France

Vintage: 2016

This Chardonnay grows on granitic-clay soil, giving it the subtle fresh fruit aromas in the citrus and blossom spectrum. The palate presents a balance of freshness, roundness and finesse.

Members price per bottle $23.40


Cité de Carcassonne, France

Vintage: 2016

A deliciously fresh example of a Languedoc Chardonnay! Delicate yellow in colour, with a hint of green, you will find aromas of honey, acacia flower and a Spring-like playfulness. On the palate, flavours are simple and pure; lemon intertwining with bitter-sweet hazelnuts

Members price per bottle $15.16

Chardonnay, The Phoenix of Wine