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Bonjour, salut, hola. Welcome to Wine O Wine, we are excited to share the adventure with you.

This months selection of wines takes you on a journey through the red wine regions of Calabria, Italy. The famous rosé regions of Côtes de Provence, France and a classic Sauvignon from IGP Pays d’Oc, France.


Château Maylandie ‘Les Amis’

A.O.C. Corbières, France
Vintage: 2018

A Perfect pale pink colour with shiny silver reflections. A delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft Summer fruits. The taste is fresh with notes of pomegranate, cherry and peppers. The after taste is long, elegant and french. leading to a long lasting crisp finish.



Cabardès, France
Vintage: 2017

This 100% merlot is full of big, ripe red fruit flavours. With a distinct overtone of winter fruits and berries such as raspberry, red cherry and plums, the finish boasts a softer carob, earthy chocolate flavour.


Famille Maurel

IGP Pays d’Oc, France
Vintage: 2017

Completely cleaned from oak, but the Chardonnay flavours seem almost all represented with vanilla, dairy, unroasted nuts, soft white and yellow fruit and brioche.
This versatile wine pairs perfectly a meal or served as an aperitif.

“Wine O Wine is a chance for us to celebrate our love of wine and wine culture with you. With each box we want to share the story of our producers, the flavours that will make your wine pop and in that way be part of the moments in your life that will create memories!”

- Jonathon Jenkins, Founder